Dick on Hillary

A neighbor sent an email supposedly from Dick Morris with the following assertion about Hillary Clinton:Dick Morris

3. She wants to grant constitutional rights to enemy combatants captured on the battlefield.

Hillary may “want to grant constitutional rights”. Unfortunately, she can’t – nor does the Constitution “grant” rights. If a person takes the time to read the Constitution it is clear that rights are inherent in all humans.

A good way to consider whether something is a right or a liberty (or as authoritarians call them “privileges”) is to evaluate the nature of the activity – is it inherent in all men, or is it something special that we must have permission to do.

For example, look at the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech. The government cannot take your “right” to free speech away. No matter how much the government punishes you, you still have the ability to share your thoughts and ideas with others. The only way to ensure that they do not speak against a government is to have them killed.

This is also true of the 2nd Amendment – our right to keep and bear arms exists as long as our will to survive exists. The government may punish us for bearing arms – but even prisoners in jail devise weapons. The right to keep and bear arms can only be removed entirely by killing them.

Conversely, many leftists assert a “right to public education”. This is not a right because it is not inherent in the individual. There may well be a right to self educate oneself – but not to force others to subsidize your education or that of children.

Occasionally I hear of a “right to feel safe”. This one is completely made up. Feeling safe is a mental state that has no bearing on reality and the presence of natural or man-made dangers. While driving is statistically one of the most dangerous things we all do, many people “feel safe” doing it.

Feeling safe depends on the mindset of the individual. 

For an excellent discussion on rights vs. liberties (or privileges), please take a moment to read a chapter from a good book a friend of mine wrote:Good to be King by Michael Badnarik

Good to be King by Michael Badnarik – Chapter 2, Rights vs. Privileges

I couldn’t believe that Dick Morris could make such a blunder with that

statement, so I checked it out – it seems that he really did write the contents of the chain mail I received.

So I’d guess that he’s either ignorant of the nature of rights as explained above, or he’s aware, and with his quote above, is asserting that Hillary doesn’t want to kill enemy combatants because allowing them to live could be the only possible way she could “grant rights” to them.

I’m betting the former.

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