Presidential Race A Muddy Mess

This week MSNBC started an in-depth, long-term study of public perception of views of the candidates with R’s and D’s next to their names (hopefully as some drop out they’ll throw in a few independents and alternative parties). It’s called the “Candidates + Issues Matrix” In the mean time we see quite a pretty underwhelming outcome.


It’s pretty clear that Biden, Dodd, and Kucinich need to change their positions on Immigration (or at least MSNBC’s wording of their stance on the issue). Dodd also seems to draw an unfavorable response on Healthcare.

Looks like Richardson is doing well on Energy (apparently people remember that he was Secretary of Energy – a lot of good it did us). Huckabee got strong marks overall on the Economy, but tied Fred Thompson for my lowest rating among Republicans on the subject (I’ll show my rating later in the post). The respondents seem to like Giuliani overall – but not on Immigration or the Iraq War (which gives me some hope that maybe people realize that Iraq wasn’t behind 9/11).

Interestingly, the respondents seem to like Ron Paul and Fred Thompson about equally (they like Fred a little bit more on Iraq). I doubt that most folks have delved into Paul’s stance aside from what they’ve heard from Giuliani and Fox News, but the support for Thompson seems a little high considering that his solution boils down to acting like we’re winning (but it’s about what I’d expect from an actor that flip-flopped on most of the Senate issues he encountered).

Brownback (the spell checker suggested “Blowback”, nice) is scheduled to drop out on Friday so it will be interesting to see if that affects anything and who, if anybody, his support goes to. Based on my own agreement and disagreement on the issues maybe it will go to Hunter. Of course, Hunter and Tancredo have ratings that are similarly lukewarm, so they may be out next.

On the left it looks like Biden, Dodd, and Kucinich have the most negatives. Interestingly Brownback’s message seems to be resounding about as well as Clinton and Edwards – so hopefully they’ll take a cue and step aside from the more interesting Dems like Gravel (who did better in my own ratings than any other Democrat).

Anyway, here are my results…


No alarms and no surprises. I have to give props to Gravel and Kucinich who managed to have tolerable stances on the war. And kudos to the Republicans overall for their generally favorable positions on the Economy. I’m supposed to trust Romney on those issues because he’s a businessman but my results just make me wonder how companies manage to thrive at all with such goofballs at the helm while at the same time wondering if a background in Austrian Economics would have landed him at the helm of a company any of us have heard of.

Be sure to include a link to a screenshot of your own results in any comments you expect me to keep.

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