N.Y. governor reportedly in prostitution ring – Politics- msnbc.com

It should be interesting to hear how this plays out.  Note the careful choice of words – he wasn’t caught in a “sting”, the media says he was part of a “ring”.

Federal prosecutors last week arrested four people in connection with an expensive prostitution operation, the Times reported.

A person with knowledge of the case told the Times that the governor is one of the men identified as clients in court papers.

N.Y. governor reportedly in prostitution ring – Politics- msnbc.com

When you’re involved in a ring, it means you’re a player getting the spoils.  So for example, to be involved in this prostitution “ring” he’d have to be either a pimp or a prostitute.

6. group of people operating dishonestly: an organized group of people who work together in a dishonest or unethical way
a gambling ring

ring (1) definition – encarta.com

When you’re involved in a sting, it means that you were a dope and didn’t think you would get caught, but that’s what happens.

7. crime police undercover operation: a complex undercover operation to catch criminals ( slang ) ( often used before a noun )

sting definition – encarta.com

I’d imagine that for political reasons he’s trying to cast it as involvement in a “ring” because there’s some confusion as to his role (was he working with them, or patronizing them).  Still, considering that the confusion leads people to believe that he had a larger role than being a “John”, I wonder how implying deeper involvement is a good thing.

That said, Vice Cops are America’s “church police”.  The government should not place restrictions on contracts between consenting adults.

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