Ohio’s 15th Congressional District Candidates and The Law

It dawned on me today that I hadn’t checked the criminal records search for the candidates in the OH-15 Congressional race.  I’m sure the Republicans and Democrats vetted their candidates to ensure that there are no felonies or anything really embarrassing, but it never hurts to check – and sometimes you can gain insight into the candidates views on the nature of law.

After reviewing Franklin County court records; Stivers, Kilroy, and Eckhart all had traffic offenses. Noble had no traffic offenses.

The interesting thing is how the candidates dealt with their offenses.  Mary Jo Kilroy was caught speeding while not wearing a seatbelt. She paid $140.  Independent candidate Eckhart was fined $80 for an improper right turn – and he paid.

Steve Stivers on the other hand had several offenses.  Cited with a “Prohibited Turn”, the charge was amended to a “Mufflers/Smoke/Gas” offense with a $0 fine. 

A later “Stop Sign” violation was treated the same way. The charge was amended to a “Mufflers/Smoke/Gas” offense with a $0 fine.

A pair of “Traffic Control Device” violation charges were amended to “Horn/Siren/Alarm” and “Inadequate Brakes” violations – both with $0 fines.

Even when Stivers was caught driving 80mph in a 65mph zone, the charge was amended to – you guessed it – a “Mufflers/Smoke/Gas” violation and the $107 fine was reduced to $20.

Ohio’s 15th Congressional District Candidate Traffic Violation Summary:

Candidate Violations Fines Paid
Mary Jo Kilroy (D) 1 $120
Don Eckhart (I) 1 $80
Steve Stivers (R) 6 $20
Mark Noble (L) 0 N/A

Everybody makes mistakes – and when people do make mistakes, it’s best to take responsibility for them.  Some of the candidates seem to learn quickly from their mistakes – while others seem to make skirting the law an art form.

It’d be interesting to hear from Stivers and Kilroy about their opinions on speed limit laws – especially Federally mandated speed limit proposals.  In the case of Kilroy, does she support Federal mandates on seatbelt use?  And does Stivers support “red light cameras” that might enforce stop sign and “traffic control device” violations?

It’s estimated that there are over 4,000 Federal Crimes specified in the US Code alone – and you’re responsible for ensuring that you don’t violate any of them.

While it’s best not to break the law at all – the current Federal legal climate makes this impossible.  To address this problem we should elect libertarian candidates who will begin revising and consolidating the existing law and to bring it in line with the legislative constraints imposed by the US Constitution.

We need to be careful that we do not elect candidates with a view that it’s ok for people to be randomly subjected to punishment for arbitrarily enforced crimes.  We should also be wary of candidates who habitually skirt the law.

A candidates jurisprudence manifests itself in traffic law, but it gives us a hint of what’s in store when it’s time to defend and uphold the Constitution.

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  1. Ralph A. Applegate says:

    I had one traffic violation and you did not mention it?

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