Experimenting with Skype and Ron Paul

A few days ago I was informed that imeem would be discontinuing it’s encrypted chat client so I started using Skype as my IM client for encrypted conversations, file transfers, etc.  It has a few other interesting features that I figured I’d try out.Â

One of the features is the ability to host a "Public Chat" and the other is the ability to host a Skypecast – a live audio broadcast with real-time interaction from the audience.Â

Here are some links:

Ron Paul 2008 Public Skype Chat (Updated: 11/7/2007)

Ron Paul 2008 Skypecast (12:00p – 4:00p 7/9/2007, limit 100)

Last I checked, my friend and I couldn’t stay in a Skypecast (the call was dropped) so maybe that won’t work during the scheduled time.

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