2 Dead in California “Gun Free Zone”

Unfortunately the reality of the real world continues to evade a fairly large segment of society, so we continue to see stories like this one featuring a tragedy at a California Toys “R” Us location.

MSNBC provides some mindless handwringing with the following quote from Palm Desert Councilman Jim Ferguson:

"I think the obvious question everyone has is who takes loaded weapons into a Toys "R" Us?" he said. "I doubt it was the casual holiday shopper."

Good question Jim. 

This holiday shopper doesn’t take loaded weapons into Toys “R” Us because this holiday shopper doesn’t place his life in the hands of toy store management who, here in Ohio, insists on a “No Guns” policy.  Like a good casual holiday shopper, I obey Ohio law and shop elsewhere. I’d wager that Toys “R” Us has a similar policy in California.

So who takes loaded weapons into Toys “R” Us in Ohio and California? In this case, the answer seems to be angry criminals willing to kill each other in a dispute over a toy. Why would any loving parent want to take their children into a toy store that might be frequented by armed criminal – without the ability to defend their children against armed attackers?

The article goes on to quote the heroism of Sara Pacia of Cathedral City who upon hearing three or four gunshots “froze” with her two boys aged 4 and 6 until unarmed store employees escorted her family out.  Sara went on to say:

"This is Toys "R" Us. There are kids shopping in there," Pacia said. Her son Jayden, 4, was clinging to her leg. He told her he didn’t want to die, she said.

Sounds like her son as assessed the situation quite astutely.  What’s a child to do when their parents, who supposedly love them and will do anything to keep them from harm, place the defensive responsibilities of a parent on police who might be miles away?

Luckily in this case the carnage was limited to the adults who escalated a meaningless confrontation.  In the long run though, I’d wager that this incident will only galvanize Toys “R” Us in their unsafe anti-gun policies, and instead of leading parents to proactively, they’ll probably vent their anger of concealed carry proponents like myself who don’t endanger lives of innocents. They’ll pile on stricter legislation against law abiding gun-owners – the easy targets of anti-gun bigotry.

But what would happen if, for example, a gun-friendly business with children inside were the scene of a violent armed robbery?  Unfortunately just such a scene played out in Akron last week. The result was that the robber was shot dead, sending a clear message to future robbers to think twice about the ramifications of their actions.

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  1. Henry says:

    Your “gun-friendly business” link is 404. What was this incident, please? I am assisting a “famous gunriter” in compiling a list, in preparation for next year’s state legislative push to slash gun-free zones.

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